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Our first press! XPN's The Key

I've gotten a lot of text messages asking how we ended up with an article in The Key by John Vettese and I tell them all the same thing- the power of an e-mail.

Since we are a new band on the scene, Nick, Julie, Kelly, and I are all on our own as far as getting our name out there in the Philly stratosphere. Essentially, we are our own managers for the time being. I like our story and I think it's unique so I've been reaching out to all the local Philly publications and John just so happened to get back to me! He was equally interested in our origin story.

I was already nervous weeks prior to our interview as it would just be me because of the timing (we did through zoom during the week in the afternoon) but the day before, I low-key wanted to cancel because my boyfriend and I of over a year just broke up. I wasn't in the state of mind for an interview.

But I sucked it up, and I ended the call feeling down. I didn't feel like myself, and I just kept getting vibes that it just wasn't going well. I closed my laptop discouraged, only able to shrug my shoulders when my parents asked me who it went.

Low and behold, I get an e-mail from John later that day apologizing to ME! He revealed he wasn't having the best of day. I was shocked. I immediately replied that I wasn't having the best day because of the breakup and that I felt like I did a terrible job in the interview. I like to imagine us both laughing at that point in the e-mail. Why in today's world do we still try to hide how we are feeling for the sake of anything? Had we only admitted from the start how we were feeling, we might've been a little bit more comfortable and been able to relax during our interview.

Either way, you won't be able to tell any of that happened after reading the article. John crushed it and I seriously couldn't have told it any better myself.

Enjoy it here:

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